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Smoking is not permitted in MV Mia’s cabin or top deck. Smoking is only permitted on the lower back deck.

Passengers shall not bring any illegal substances onto MV Mia.

Passengers shall not bring on-board, explosives, firearms or flammable materials of any kind.

The Master of MV Mia reserves the right:
  • to refuse entry of a passenger onto MV Mia, or require a passenger to disembark MV Mia at the Master's discretion.
  • to terminate a cruise on immediate notice at any time during a cruise due to unacceptable behaviour or intoxication among the passengers for the safety of MV Mia, passengers and crew on board.
  • to remove any person who is behaving in a way that presents a danger to themselves, other passengers, our crew or MV Mia.
Offensive behaviour will not be accepted. This includes passengers that behave in any way that interrupts the enjoyment of the experience for other people.

If a passenger behaves in a way that negatively impacts others, the Master of MV Mia will require the passenger to disembark immediately at the nearest wharf.

The offending passenger may also be removed by the NSW Water Police.
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